A garden fence, I would steal....

...but I have no car for transportation.

This is the first blog post that was only photopraphed with the tablet. 
I don´t like shooting with it.
Isn´t that fence the prettiest you ever seen? My future home had to have something like that.
Did you notice? I am getting more active on instagram. Maybe you will follow me there.

Be the first, who see it. Our fashion clips.

Hello lovely reader. I posted a few informations about my semester project and now the final moment arrived.
I can share them with you. I hope you will enjoy the clips I worked on the last few month.
The task was to present the collections from two european fashion design students
in 1:20 minutes for each.
We had to catch the emotion of the collection. We had no budget.
I had to search sponsors and made them happy to help.
Thank you frindly sponsors for helping us.

Here is the first:
It is the collection of a young talented finnish designer:
and the second from a danish. Yes I am the acteur:

Please share your opinion about them.
I hope you liked it. I was so happy with our two designers.

What a fake! No, what a fun!

Making funny things outside is the most important thing on a sunny day
To make that fun noticeable I have hidden a few mistakes on each picture.
Can you find it?
Remember that dress? 
It was my favourite last spring. 
I cut the sleeves to change it a little bit and yes it is my new favourite indeed.
pictures by mauerfuchs ▼ color grading me 
wearing all vintage except the shoes

Blooming world.

I love this time of year when everything starts to bloom. The scent of cherry blooms 
makes me dream of the first night under open sky. What are you looking forward to?
pictures by mauerfuchs ▼ color grading me

Semester end is near. A Sneak peak. Part 2.

The good thing about studying media art and design is the opportunity to do what you want to do. 
To me it was very important that I can try out my passion for requisite and decorating a film set 
in one of my two semester videos. The bad thing about only studying it is the non-budget
but just imagine: one of my teachers has even baked the cupcakes for me.  
In one week, the videos need to be ready.  
Yes Mr. Mauerfuchs is wearing a fox sweater. A christmas gift from me.
And then destroy the scenery which was laboriously built.
I made the making of photography. The finished clip will follow :)
Thank you again to all involved helpers!

Old train station.

Sometimes you find nice lighted places, where you never expected it.
Very untypical for me, but today there are some nonvintage garments in my outfit. 
These days I have very bad experience with my vintage shoe collection. 
They all fall apart, so I had the permisson to buy three new shoe pairs. (Hehe.)
The brown one you can see in the pictures.
shot by mauerfuchs ▼ color grading me

Me in a clip. A preview.

I was part of a fashion clip. (One of my semester works of cause.) It will be released in one month. I am exited.
shot by mauerfuchs


We found that paperdolls in an abandoned house infront of a bunker door.
The doll is screaming. Creepy.
And me with black hairs.
(I found that pictures while cleaning my laptop. Had to share it :) )
pictures shot 11/7/2009 by Mauerfuchs

Strawberry juice.

Be sure, I am back soon. I have lot of work to do. This is a little snap of my university project this semester.
Me very diffrent. It is only a polaroid. A video will follow.
picture Mauerfuchs